One Developer Portal: eyeIntegration Genesis

News! eyeIntegration version 1.0 went live early this year (2019-01-16) and recently was accepted for publication in IOVS. In celebration of the news, I’m posting a small series of posts about the genesis, development, upgrades, and future of eyeIntegration. You can find our latest manuscript on bioRxiv. The latest update should go live soon. Background eyeIntegration was developed to serve as a quick and easy to use normal gene expression portal in eye tissues.

One Developer Portal: eyeIntegration Web Optimization

This post is a continuation from here. Really important stuff I learned to make a performant web site in Shiny After a few months of tinkering I had a working web app on my local computer, which is a 32GB of RAM, 1TB SSD Mac Pro trashcan. All of the data objects were .Rdata, which were load() when the site was initialized. This was fine in the beginning and in fact the shiny site was deployed with this structure in May of 2017.