Points of Contact


  • Jairo Meija
    • Jairo (“Hi Ro”) is the administrative manager for the OGVFB
  • Cathy Geer
    • The administrative assistant for the branch
  • If you have any admin-related questions, shoot one of them an email or go chat with them in 10N109

Brian Brooks

  • The boss. He is the NEI Clinical Director and the head of the OGVFB

Tiziana Cogliati

  • She is Brian’s lab manager. She does the day to day administration of Brian’s research lab and guides the research along with Brian

Cesar Perez-Gonzalez

  • NEI Scientific Program Administrator
  • He is the guy who oversees all trainees in NEI

Before the first day

  • You should have made an appointment to get a NIH badge
    • If this doesn’t make any sense then contact Jairo

NIH resources


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